Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rob's first pig!

Rob went hunting at the ranch yesterday and got his first pig! He had so much fun, and was quite excited. He got to go hunting with our pastor; the two of them had been looking forward to this hunting "trip" for a while now. Rob is also learning to bone/butcher a pig, and took the kids with him today to finish up the job. They were so excited for their Daddy (cheers arose around the house when I read the text to them that he had got the pig), and thought it would be great fun to see the pig! Miss E even got to help.
So, along with our Turkeys we'll have plenty of pork this year in the freezer! Rob made up a little bit of wienerschnitzel soon after he got home last night to try out his pig. She shared with me and my mom, and it was very good!

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