Monday, November 9, 2009

A knot

There was a "True Knot" in Miss C's cord at birth. It was pulled tight. We have no way of knowing when the knot happened or when it was tightened (though the Dr. suspects the knot was tied months ago). We are thanking God for his protection of Miss C and allowing her to be with us. My Dr. commented on how blessed we were that her cord had not caught on anything and been pulled tighter. This is an extra blessing considering how much she was spinning around in the last month or so. God is so good to us!

Since she is just fine, Rob was thrilled to see that his daughter was showing an early interest in knot tying and is looking forward to teaching her some more knots to tie in the future! I think they will use 550 cord instead though!

We took a picture of the knot....

Just wanted to warn you, since I'm posting it here.....

Yesterday Rob took all of the big kids to church and I stayed home with Miss C to rest. It was so nice to have the kids coming and going all morning and afternoon to visit with me and cuddle with Miss C in my bed. Miss J spent quite a bit of time with us. It turns out that she and
Miss C have quite a bit in common and they have become buddies- they are both "babies", both love mommy's bed, both have tag "la las", and they both LOVE milk! How cool is that? I'd say
its the start of a life long friendship!

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  1. She is just lovely!

    My Susanna was born with a true knot too and I was told at the time that it's a vary rare occurrence.
    Would you believe my little Bryce had one too?
    two out out of six doesn't seem so rare.
    Who knows... maybe I have a roomy placenta?