Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Looking a bit rough

Mr. M is looking a bit rough these days. He had a run in with his bed, and lost. Poor guy. It was quite the bump when it first happened, I was surprised the next morning when he didn't look worse than this. We spent quite a bit of time keeping ice on it to help with the nearly golf ball size bump on his head.
*All of the brown markings around his mouth/chin/cheeks are from his run in with a bowl of chocolate the next morning. A much better sort of run in!

He is looking a bit worse now, but feeling better. He has a black eye and a bruise on his forehead. This was the sort of injury that looks bad, but after evaluating him and asking his brothers how it happened (did he cry and move right away, or lay still for a while?) we realized it just looked bad but was not serious. He happened to have visit to the doctor already scheduled, so he got it checked out anyways. As I figured, its all good.

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