Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Meet Peanut

We have a new pet in the house.

We've been thinking that Mr. S needed responsibility of the animal sort for a while. We would like for him to have chickens or rabbits later, but he needed to start smaller. He had quite a bit of money saved up (for a five year old) from Christmas and other things so he was able to purchase his hamster himself! We helped him pay for the cage as well as all of the other things his hamster would need.
"Peanut" was the name he chose all by himself. He also picked this one out on his own. It has been cute to watch him care for (and sometimes pester) Peanut. He is learning to take him in and out of the cage, hold him nicely, and make sure he has plenty of food and water.
Everyone else has been having fun checking Peanut out. Miss C calls him "kitty", I guess "hamster" and "peanut" are hard to say and he IS a small furry critter! LOL! The big kids have been kindly helping him out and encouraging him.

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