Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Starting early

Today Miss E had the job of making zucchini bread for our lunch. Of course Miss J wanted to help, as usual. However, Miss C was a new addition to the job today! She was having blanket time near the table while I was doing some chores. She quickly lost interest in her blocks when she saw all off the action happening at the table. Miss E asked if she could join them?

Set up with a bowl, spoon, flour, a measuring cup, and some spices she was one very happy girl (notice the apron?)! It was so sweet to see her "helping" her sisters make lunch, and how she is learning so early to serve her family. Her little servant's heart is such a blessing to her whole family already! Miss C is always looking for things to help with and clean up, and then clapping after she does the job. Her big sisters are setting great examples for her, they are all such blessings to us!

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  1. So cute! I let my two year old "dump" sliced veggies, spices, etc. into the pot or bowl. They are such eager helpers. Linked here from raisinghomemakers.