Tuesday, September 13, 2011

lots of good-byes

This past week and the coming weeks are full of good-byes. We're saying good-bye to places that have become home for the last three years. We are even saying good-bye to a season in our lives as a family. Rob has had more flexibility in his schedule than he ever has before, and will likely ever have again.
*There were tears and lots of hugs as we said good-bye to this sweet, dear family. We only managed to get pictures of all of our kids together though. Next time we are together we will have to get the parents too!

More importantly we've been saying good-bye to many friends that are truly dear to us. This is the hardest part of moving so often. Each time we move we leave dear friends behind. However, this is also one of the most exciting parts of military life. God allows us to meet so many wonderful people and many of those dear friends have had a huge impact on our lives in different ways. We spend holidays with them, we share new experiences with them, we learn from them, we share each others joys and pains. In this way we get just the smallest taste of how big and amazing the body of Christ is! In this way we are truly blessed, and we are looking forward to meeting the people that God has planned for us to meet at this next assignment. We've also seen how God allows our paths to cross with these dear loved ones and look forward to seeing how he will do that again!

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