Monday, September 12, 2011

Packing up

Our movers are coming starting tomorrow. We are so blessed not to have to pack up all of our stuff. However, we still have plenty to do. I'm packing up thinking that we will not have access to our household goods (stuff movers packed up) for about a month (most likely not that long, but its best to plan ahead). So I still have plenty to get into our van and trailer for our family of 9.

We've packed our trailer with things that we want to get moved, but movers will not take (propaine tanks for BBQ, some liquids etc). We've also packed things that we know we will want right away on the other end. We've found that shelving seems to be one of the last things off of the moving truck, and by the time they are off the truck the wall that we want to put the shelves on is filled with boxes (boxes that could have been emptied onto the shelves). So we bring some of our shelving with us to help the process along.

Some other things we are bringing along to make the first days in a new place go smoothly-

Sleeping bags- so that we can sleep in our house if we want to before our things are delivered.

Bedding for each bed- There is nothing worse than being in a new home and having all of the beds set up but not being able to find the bedding! It is easy to just pack a set for each bed in the trailer so we can all sleep comfortably in our beds.

Towels- Also something you don't want to be digging through boxes for. It also helps to have these incase our things will not be delivered right away but we decide to stay in the house anyways.

A phone- Not as important anymore now that we have cell phones, but still we like to grab one corded phone and bring it with us.

Cooking supplies- I made up a basic list of recipes and the kitchen equipment I would need to make those meals. I'll bring these items with us so that I can cook healthy meals for my family; this will save us money too by not having to go out! Again, this is useful if our things are not delivered right away, but is also helpful to have the basics on hand while we are trying to unpack the rest of the kitchen stuff. Crockpots are helpful during this time since after a long day of unpacking I'm most likely not going to feel like doing much cooking.

Toys- I bring a selection of toys I know my kids enjoy that have been set aside (they have not seen in a while) to play with once we get to the new house. These are all in a bin that will keep things nice and tidy.

Table and chair(s)- We are bringing a couple of folding tables with us. This is something that is easy to put in the trailer and makes eating in our new home easier. We will be bringing a folding chair and one of those baby chairs that hang on the edge of the table too. Keeping Miss C contained while eating will keep her from getting distracted and spreading her mess around our new home.

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