Monday, September 5, 2011

Oh right, we're moving!

I've been enjoying our quiet days, and this time of rest and recovery. It dawned on me at the end of last week though, that we're moving in about a week! YIKES! Our movers will show up about a week from now to pack us up.

*look at those sweet cheeks! He is getting little rolls on his arms and legs too! Mr. K is already over 10 pounds and almost sleeping through the night!

I'm so glad I planned ahead and accomplished so much in the months leading up to this time. I needed the time of rest, but now there is work to be done. I'll still be taking it easy, since there is not too much left to be done, and most of that can be done by kids with some supervision.
*Hey mom, take MY picture with Mr. K!

I'm so blessed to have older children that are so very helpful. The boys have been so excited to have an excuse to pull out daddy's drill and screwdrivers. They've been taking down valances and other things from the walls and taking things apart too!

*Cleaning off the front porch. His little sisters had left quite a bit of chalk marks that needed to be cleaned up.

All three of the older kids have been checking the running list I have going on the white board to see what jobs they can do. When possible they have been involving the younger kids too.

*Dusting things off of the shelf Mr. R was taking down.

I have to pack up our clothes and go through a few things still, but even those jobs will be done with the aid of the kids.

Rob is slaving away finishing up his dissertation, he should be done just about the time the movers arrive. We will be celebrating the day he turns in the finalized copy! Yippee!


  1. Precious to see your children help you! What a gift! Hope all goes well with your moving! Blessings -

  2. Wow, what great little helpers! Oh, I hope this week is not too crazy for you!!! : )

  3. How wonderful that your children are so eager to help! I pray that all goes well with your move!

    Many blessings,