Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Camping, mom style (with a trailer)

We recently purchased a trailer.  It is a gift to our family from my dad.  A fun way for the kids to remember the fun they had with him in his trailer, and an investment in our family.  We enjoy camping, but don't go often since pregnant bellies, babies, and I don't mix well with tents, sleeping bags and cooking in the great outdoors.  This is a way to get us out more with some of the comforts of home (a bed and kitchen for mom).

We've tested it out twice.  Just here in town at a local RV park where we purchased the trailer.  The kids have really been enjoying the "sleep overs" and playing in the pool there.


We are looking forward to taking it out on a real trip, and are grateful for a couple of practice nights to help us figure out logistics and such.  It will be exciting to see where we end up taking this!


  1. Ok, I need a tour and logistics lecture! We're trying to rent one because I'd stopped traveling with the family due to my chronic pain. We've NEVER camped, NEVER been in a trailer, and only traveled minimally when my husband had a web conference to speak at (that's how we got to see your beautiful Oregon!) But that was back in the days of hotels and airplanes and only 3 Mark just takes a few whenever there's somewhere to go and I stay home and clean house...

    But there's a wedding in July that we all need to get to so he found a RV to rent and is confirming that today (we looked at it yesterday). I'm very very nervous about it but then Moriah opened up this timely post! I'd be grateful for any resource recommendations (books, websites, etc) that you think would be helpful ("Trailer Living for Dummies"?) We're so clueless and with our pain and anxiety issues, we really need to feel prepared!

    thx so much....

  2. Hi Gabe! We just purchased a trailer too! We are picking ours up in Phx soon. We are going to visit the CPC plant in Phx Sunday. We would still like to get together with y'all!

    Love, Heather P.