Friday, June 15, 2012

Locks of Love... Miss J

A couple of weeks ago Miss J started asking if she could get her hair cut.  This was a big deal since she has always been adamant that she NOT get her hair cut.  She started asking if she could cut it off and give it to a little girl that needs it.

Miss E has given to Locks of Love three times, the first two times I did it with her.  I didn't last time, and I'm glad I waited.  This time I got to do it with Miss J!

She did a great job during the hair cut and enjoyed chatting, though I could tell she was a bit nervous.  When asked if she liked it she answered "Well, its kinda short"  The good natured stylist asked if she wanted him to put it back on, but she decided against that.


Miss J likes her shorter "do"   since she no longer needs to have her hair done every day.  Just some quick brushes through and she is free to go play!

*Our children teach us so much.  Two of our girls now have selflessly given their hair out of a desire to give to others.  They think nothing of themselves in doing this.  They have have a great attitude of "its just hair, it will grow back"  It was quite a struggle for me to let that beautiful red hair be cut off, but that was purely vanity on my part.  Truly, I did not really want to cut my own hair, but my heart changed as I saw the love my girls had for others.  What great examples they are for me!

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