Wednesday, June 25, 2014

After delivery of HHG

Our HouseHold Goods (HHG) were delivered on Monday.  I had the movers unpack most of our boxes for me.  That sounds great doesn't it?  You are thinking that my house was nearly all moved into by the time my movers left, aren't you?  Think again.  The movers just empty boxes.  They do not organize and arrange.  My house looked like it belonged on an episode of hoarders that day (and the next, which is why we did NOT sleep there right away).

Miss E worked wonders in the girls' room and it was nearly set by Tuesday evening.  I'll just need to get in there to help them hand pictures and perfect it a bit.  Thanks Miss E!

We had a bunch of errands to run as well, once we got all of our stuff into the house and knew exactly what we needed.

Stay tuned for a post on one of our favorite errands....

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