Monday, June 30, 2014

Furniture shopping

My glider that I had had for about 14 years died right before we moved.  We were also running low on seating space in the living room.  A new rocker/recliner as well as a sectional were on our list of purchases to be made in the near future.  Driving by the LaZ Boy store we noticed they were having a sale, so we thought we would check it out.  We were not expecting to have a bunch of fun though.  I should have known that furniture shopping with 8 kids would be an adventure.

The little kids discovered the power recliners in the back of the store right away.  Even Mr. K was making himself comfortable.  They all had opinions on which one they wanted.  I knew what I wanted though, a leather (not too squishy) rocker/recliner.  I found a great one.  Comfy, and the look I wanted.
This is the one I wanted.

Miss C found the chair that not only massages, but also helps a person stand up from the chair.  She could be heard hollering "This is crazy awesome!" through the store.  Thankfully we were the only customers in the store that night. ;)

Miss C kept asking me to come sit in the "cuddle chair."  I didn't like the looks of that one so much, but who can resist their child asking for some cuddles?  I sat.  We cuddled.  She left.  Miss A needed to eat.  Miss A and I both fell asleep in the chair. :/ It was pretty obvious I'd be giving up the "look" I wanted for a lot of extra comfort (and cuddling).  I picked a fabric I liked, making the chair style work a bit better for me. Sorry, no picture of that chair.

Mr. M was trying to talk me into the camo chair.  Sorry bud, I love you....but not that much. ;)
The purchases are made.  Now we wait....6-8 weeks!  I'm thankful for an awesome hubby and a great sales guy.  They figured out a way to get a loaner rocker/recliner into the house for me.  This is a huge blessing with a baby that is having a hard time adjusting to her new home.

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