Saturday, June 14, 2014

Packing up!

The day before our packers arrived we said good-bye to another cat.  This was a harder one, he had been with us for 2 years.  Miss J took it especially hard, she had named him and he was "hers."  This guy has been a great cat for us here with so much space and pests to catch.  He was not going to be happy in our new arrangement; we had friends with even more space and plenty of pests that were happy to give him a home.

Packing up was a four day process.  We moved out (to our trailer) before the movers came to make the process a bit easier on everyone.

I had activities for the kids; including some new playdoh sets.

I'll be a bit nervous until I see this come off the truck ok (it's a set of my Dad's Hammers).

The kids had fun with anything left out after a while.

Now we're out of the house and enjoying some down time while tying up a few loose ends.  Then we get to hit the road!
Napping at the mall play area early in the morning
This boy was happy with our stop at Frost.  They had dairy free options!

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