Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A stomach bug

It started on Friday night with Mr. S, followed quickly by Miss A.  They were sick all night.  It was rough on Mr. S, but Miss A slept through all of it ~she awoke next to me all bright and perky ready to go for the day having passed the bug with a full night's sleep,  I (on the other hand) was exhausted from being up all night caring for her~  That could have been much worse!

Sunday morning came and everyone seemed fine, but I was wondering if it really was wise to go to church.  It was nearly time to go when Miss E said she was feeling a bit sick.  I suggested it may be wise to have everyone stay home.  15 minutes later Miss C got sick.  Then Miss J.  Then Mr. M.  I wasn't feeling so great either.  Blankets, quilts and pillows were collected.  The projector was set up.  This was gonna be a doozy.

Mr. R and Mr. K were the only ones to escape this bug.  I'm thankful that Mr. R and Mr. S were able to help out while the rest of us were so sick.  I'm thankful that we didn't have to deal with two sick little ones while being sick ourselves.  Mr. K and Miss A were quite content to play and eat all the yummy snacks that their big brothers provided while the rest of us were sick.

Miss J has hit especially hard and needed a day more than the rest of us to recover.

I'm super thankful that we got this bug over with before Thanksgiving.

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