Wednesday, November 19, 2014

AWANA Grand Prix

It was fun to get back to participating in AWANA (and all that goes with it) this year after a 3 year break at the last assignment.  All of the kids (except Miss A) are in a club this year.   They all had a good time thinking up the designs and putting together their cars.

1. Miss E wanted to do a Lego brick.  Nice and simple.

2.  Mr. R attached a Lego Star Wars fighter to his sleek black car.

3. Mr. M's red race car

4. Mr. S's yellow race car

5. Miss J's blue race car

6.  Though the cubbies did not officially participate in the race Miss C and Mr K wanted to do one.  Together they came up with the idea for a 15 pax van. :)

None of them won awards for speed or design this year, but they all had a great time; and that's what is most important with this. :)

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