Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house (it seemed) every creature was stirring.  Maybe even a mouse?

We've never had a night before Christmas like this one before.  A certain young man had to be told a 1am and 2am to go back to bed.  Miss A climbed into our bed after that and promptly wet our bed.  As I was in the nursery getting fresh PJ's for her Mr. K sat up and thanked me for the cool car set; the one we set out under the tree unwrapped after he went to sleep.  I could hear Miss E coughing downstairs.  Later I found out that  Miss J was having a hard time sleeping.  Mr. M had asked Miss E if he could borrow her kindle because he was having a hard time sleeping.  Yep, it seems just about all of us were awake through the night.  So much excitement having Uncle D arrive that evening AND Christmas.  :)

Never-the-less ALL of the kids were up and ready to go at 6am to get into their stockings.  I heard the stampede at 6am on the dot.  I dragged myself from bed and was glad I did.  It's so much fun to watch them all discover the goodies in their stockings.  My favorite stocking stuffers?  The matching onesies for Miss A and baby that Rob got for me them.

Our day was a slow relaxing one filled with Nerf gun battles, games, play time with new toys, good food and lots of yummy treats.  The kids had all bought themselves Nerf guns earlier in the month and felt that Daddy and Uncle D should be able to defend themselves against our small army; so they got them their own. :)

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