Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Star Wars and Snoopy

Everyone wanted to go see a movie, but the new Star Wars movie was not a good idea for the littles....I got to take the "bigs" to see Star Wars while Rob took the "littles" to see Snoopy.  Everyone thought they were getting a good deal and I was especially thankful to Rob for offering to take the littles.  I'm not sure when the last time was that I got to see a movie in a theater without taking care of a little one on my lap.

Since we're now on Christmas break we thought we'd start the day celebrating.  Miss E made the Wookie Cookies the night before.  Mr M made the Chewy bacon (he's recently become the bacon master in our home).  I picked up the cereal and put together to Christmas themed Obi-Wan Kabobi.

Miss E made herself a Star Wars hat for the occasion.

Woo Hoo, 2nd row!  Oh, wait.  Thats not a good thing at the movies.  We were only 30 minutes early for the showing having already purchased our tickets on-line.  The theater was already packed.  The movie was great anyways and it wasn't too painful. :)

Daddy and the littles had fun in the arcade before and after their movie while they waited for us.

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