Thursday, December 31, 2015

Uncle D's visit

Uncle D was in the process of moving from one assignment to another at Christmas this year.  We happened to have some of his things that he needed to pick up in the process.  Yay, we got Uncle D for Christmas!

The kids enjoyed having an extra adult to have Nerf Gun battles with at Christmas.

On the coldest, windiest,  and most miserable day of his visit he got to help cook lunch outside.

I'm not sure how many games of Cattan were played, but his choice in gifts was obviously a hit.  He also wisely brought the Minion movie for the littles which freed up even more time for games of Cattan.

We hadn't gotten to the gingerbread houses before his arrival, so he got to participate.

We introduced Uncle D to our favorite burger place.  It met with his approval.

At his last assignment he was very limited in his shopping options.  He'd been wanting to try the Core's ice cream flavors by Ben&Jerry's and sweetly shared the experience with our crew.

Thank you Uncle D for coming to visit!  We loved having you here!

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