Monday, May 2, 2016

Happy Birthday Mr S!

Ah, the end of April.  We had our last (hopefully) blizzard before spring came to stay.  When Mr. S was born on a sunny day in Florida I never imagined we'd ever be celebrating his birthday in a blizzard.  We had known the forecast and the plan had been to get out and go shopping for his birthday food on Saturday once the snow stopped.  We got out in the van ok, but (thanks to the wind) we got stuck in a drift coming home.  Fun!
These two had so much fun together while we were shopping.  They're not always like this, but more often than not they really are like best buddies.

We opened gifts.  Mr S was super excited to get gift cards to many of his favorite places.

Since it hadn't been too hard to get the van unstuck and the truck can generally get in and out ok we decided to take him on his birthday date.  We had a great time taking him out for Chinese food.  After eating we took him shopping for some treats to share with his brothers and sisters at home.  When we got home the truck got stuck in the drifts.  The wind was causing more trouble than the initial storm did.  Yikes!  We decided it would be best to stay in for the next day or two while the snow melted. :) 

Mr S has such an energetic and outgoing personality.  He makes friends easily and usually has a smile on his face. He's a creative guy.  Life is always an adventure with this guy and we look forward to seeing what adventures God has in store for him as he continues to grow and learn.

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