Monday, May 30, 2016

While dad's away...

The kids will play!  Well, they play everyday anyways, but we managed to do ok and have some fun while daddy was away.  Even though we missed him.

We went on walks with the neighbors.  1 mile the first night and 1 1/2 the second night.  Miss A walked (nearly) all of it.  The first night she ran.  The second night it was much cooler and she stuck close to me.  Miss F liked the walk too.
All bundled up and ready to go.

Little Miss F was having a hard time getting to sleep.  We Face Timed with daddy and snuggled and then she slept all night in her own bed.  I think she was missing her dad.  She sure loves her people.

Miss A climbed into bed early the first morning and said "more daddy" while signing "more" and then saying "my daddy gone."  As much as she was very clear that she missed him she held up quite nicely.

Miss E had been looking forward to having SO friends over to watch the movie Outbreak for quite a while.  One of her Science Olympiad events the last 2 years has been Disease Detectives (epidemiology).  We had a great group of friends and lots of treats.

I'm thankful that this assignment does not involve too many trips away from home.  When they do happen I'm all the more thankful for the sweet community that God has placed us in.

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