Friday, May 20, 2016

Oh this girl!

Miss A keeps us on our toes!  Someone recently commented that we seem to have become a full on coffee drinking family (I'm not talking those fluffy mocha/latte type drinks...full on COFFEE).  I replied that as long as Miss A is in our home, I'll likely be a coffee drinker.  I need the extra boost!

She recently went on a milk drinking binge.  It was nice that she was able to get the milk out of the refrigerator and bring it and the sippy cup to us for re-fills.  Then she decided to bypass the sippy.  I'm glad the jug was mostly empty at that point.

We've had some very busy days and she's been holding up very well.  One day she was her usual playful self, then I watched her grab her pacie and crawl onto the couch.  She was OUT in a matter of seconds and stayed asleep for a couple of hours....even with our family going about business as usual all around her.  She plays hard and sleeps hard.  WHEN she sleeps.

She LOVES Miss F.  She is very gentle with her, but still Miss F is not quite sure what to think.

Miss A is always busy.  Somedays more than others.  She recently had a particularly eventful morning.  She'd helped herself to 2 bananas.  Asked a brother to make her a bowl of oatmeal (which he did, and she gobbled it up).  Then we made her an egg.  All of this in less than an hour; then she says "I huh-he mama"  What does she do with all of that food?  Well it seems that she needed the energy after having taken the sheets AND the mattress off of her bed....TWICE!  That's along with the normal playful two-year-old-activities she'd been up to that know like changing her outfit 3 times.  All before 8 am.
She finally decided on her swim dress.  "It petty"

This girl keeps us laughing all the time.  Her joyful, creative, independent spirit may keep us on our toes, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

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