Monday, June 27, 2016


After a busy week-end at the Homeschool Conference we were so excited to spend a week camping.  It was extra relaxing because we had not only prepared the trailer well ahead of time, but we were only going up to the FamCamp on base.  The plan was to just enjoy some down time; the kids could play in the woods or at the playground while I enjoyed a bit of extra reading time.
Meals were super simple and we used our "camping manners" meaning that burping is allowed.  It turns out that little Miss F thinks that burping contests are hilarious.  Oh My!

Trips to the playground and afternoon ice creams at the office were a hit.

We threw in a couple of fishing trips with daddy.

Her brothers thought they should teach her some bad habits early.  She seemed eager to learn.  Poor girl! No, she didn't have any.  It was empty.  She sure was excited to see it though.  ;) 

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