Monday, June 6, 2016


The kids have been talking about getting to the zoo since we moved here 2 years ago.  Many of them remembered this zoo from the last time we were stationed here.  For various reasons (moving, snow, moving, morning sickness, snow, blizzards...) we hadn't made it yet.  This year Great Gram paid for a family membership as a group birthday gift.  What a great gift!  We were all especially excited to see how Miss A would like it.

The Giraffes were first.  They were so excited to be fed, and our kids had so much fun feeding them.

Everyone liked the Meerkats.
Feeding the birds!
There's a tiger in there!
Daddy is so good!
Funny faces from Miss A...
Miss F got out of the stroller to eat a couple of times.  We thought she may like to stay out and get a better look.  She wasn't interested....mostly because of the big sun hat mommy made her wear.
Thanks for the zoo trip Great Gram!  We're looking forward to more this year!

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