Monday, June 20, 2016

Homeschool Conference!

We love getting to go to Homeschool conferences.  It's usually a great time of learning from speakers and also learning by getting our hands on books and curricula we've been wanting to check out.  The kids always love getting to come too, when we are able to bring them.  We were super thankful to find out that our local one allows children to come.

Before we could get on the road we needed to pick up two big kids that had a late night baby sitting job (and so had just spent the night).
The rest of the kids waiting patiently while Daddy went in to get the others. :) 

We really wanted our older kids to enjoy the speakers and hear from some men that we had learned so much from in the past.  We were so glad they had that opportunity.  Since Daddy was actually helping out a bit at the conference that left me hanging out with the littles quite a bit.

We also met up with several friends making it extra fun for all of us.

I think we may have had a bit too much fun in the vendor hall.  Our kids sure love books and we are always happy to supply good quality reading materials.  I enjoyed seeing their excitement over picking out new biographies to read together this year, or the excitement over seeing that a favorite author had a new series out.  Some kids had made requests before going and so had been assigned the job of looking for those items; they took those jobs very seriously. 

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