Friday, July 29, 2016


We enjoyed an end of summer camp out before Daddy needed to get back to teaching.  We had a great time hiking, fishing, just hanging out at the site, cooking over the open flame, s'mores, reading around the camp fire, paddle boats, playing....
Just a few s'mores
Notice the fish?  Mr. M provided his own food on this trip.

We did end up having a couple of bumps along the way.  Miss E was stung by a bee (on the bottom of her foot) the day before we left.  While not a major reaction her foot was a bit swollen and sore.  We spent quite a bit of time together hanging out at the camp site talking and reading.  It could have been worse....Oh wait, it was...Miss J got sick and we ended up leaving 18 hours earlier than expected.  She wanted to be in her own bed and I wanted her to be there too.  She did well and recovered very nicely once we got home. :)

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