Friday, July 22, 2016

Teaching outside

Miss J was teaching classes out on the patio today.  Some of her students were a bit unruly, but she managed to teach about plants and horses.

Earlier in the day I was in the garden with most of the littles.  Miss J told me she was glad we had a garden because it's helping her get ready for when she's all grown up.  My heart smiled.  I told her that's my job; to get her ready to be a grown up, and my most important job is to teach her to love God.  At that I felt the sweetest little tug on my arm.  I looked down into the blue eyes of 2 year old Miss A "I love God"  "I love Jesus"   I think those were some of the most encouraging words I could hear.  My job is not done, but the seeds are planted.  They need plenty of watering and care for several more years, but I'm thankful for the encouragement today.

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