Friday, January 8, 2010


Yesterday we had well baby/child appointments for Miss J (2yrs) and Miss C (2 months). Both went well, though Miss J was not at all thrilled to have the nurse or doctor touch her at all.

Miss C is doing very well. She is 12 pounds 10 ounces, which puts her off the charts! All of my babies but Miss J were like that, they slow down after a few months and by one year they start to slim down. Miss C is such a sweet, happy, and content baby. She is happy to watch all that is going on around the house. When she is not being held there is almost always someone stopping to say "hi" to her and she usually greets us with a smile! Her arms and legs are always going showing her excitement for all that is going on around her. She started sleeping through the night (by that I mean at least 8 hours) on Sunday and has kept it up all week!
Miss J is also doing well, and now that she is 23 pounds she is finally ON the charts! LOL! Oh she is her mama's girl in so many ways. She was not excited about getting her finger pricked or the shot she had to get, but a bit of candy helped her through both experiences with little fussing and no hard feelings towards me or the nurses (yep, she has a sweet tooth to match her mama's, in days gone by!).

Now that Miss C is past the "sleep all the time" newborn stage she is wanting to be more involved in what is going on. I've been having her do her "tummy time" every morning near Miss J so that she can see her. Miss J can be happy as can be in her own play, but when I put Miss C down near her she almost always moves her play over to Miss C. She talks to Miss C and shows her all of the toys she is playing with and will sometimes help her touch them. After a while she will move off a bit, but she usually leaves some toys for Miss C. It is so cute to see what a good big sister she is and I have no doubt that this is partly due to the wonderful example Miss E has been for her!


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