Thursday, January 14, 2010

A package from Germany!

A package arrived today from some very dear friends in Germany! What a fun package full of surprises for the kids! They were so excited, we have all been missing these dear friends since they moved last summer.

They all had fun putting together their little Playmobile gifts, and then playing with them.


Mrs. J said that they use these cute boards for their breakfast toast, and hoped we could find a use for them. Miss E thinks that they are just right for our lunches on most days, and I think she is right. We are looking forward to putting these to use and remembering our friends every time we use them.

As you can see in many of the pictures, Miss J was especially excited about the candy in the package, and wondering why she was not eating it yet!

We miss you "J family" and hope to see you this spring! Thank you so much!

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