Monday, January 25, 2010

wedding day!

Rob's brother got married this week-end! The groom was quite hansom, and the bride was absolutely beautiful! The wedding and reception were wonderful and so thoughtfully put together. We had a great time.
Mr. S was in the wedding as the ring bearer. He was so hansom in his little tux, and he knew it! His brothers and sisters were so excited for him getting to have such a special job. The kids all did very well with such a long day at the wedding and reception. We brought plenty of activity books for them as well as some small quiet toys. Mr. R and Mr. M set up a little battle with the army guys I brought for them. Miss E enjoyed playing with pipe cleaners and stickers. The iphones came in handy for Mr. S and Miss J. Miss C was a doll, sleeping most of the time and easily settled when she was a bit fussy.


My mom was so kind to come out to help me with the kids so that Rob would be free to do his duties as a groomsman and also enjoy his brother's wedding without having to worry about helping me with the kids! What a blessing that was since even though the kids were wonderful the three youngest did require quite a bit of attention that I certainly could not give on my own at the wedding and reception!

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