Wednesday, January 27, 2010

new glasses!

Mr. R and Mr. S finally got their new glasses yesterday! Woo hoo! We ordered them nearly a month and a half ago, but through various mishaps by the lab and store they were quite delayed. These are not the glasses we had picked for them, but they are close and they look good on them! The boys are so happy to have them! We were very happy to find that we only needed to buy two pairs this year instead of four!

Miss E's eyes have improved to the point that she does not need reading glasses anymore! She had the choice to get new ones if she wanted, but she has opted to skip them this year.

Mr. R only needs his for reading, and was told by the doctor he didn't even even need them for that if he didn't want them. He wanted to continue with them for a while though.

Mr. M's eyes have improved so much that he did not even have the option of reading glasses with the doctor saying that at this point glasses would do more harm than good. Since he is such an active boy it is nice to have him free of his glasses!

Mr. S most likely will not grow out of his need for glasses for quite some time since he has astigmatism like his mommy. He has to wear his all the time. Bummer since he is the most likely to break his.

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