Saturday, April 10, 2010

four months!

Miss C had her four month well-baby appointment this week (yes, I know it was a month late!). She is doing very well, she is 15 pounds 4 ounces and 26 inches long! She seems to be growing at about the same rate all of the others (except Miss J) did, and should start slowing down a bit in the next month or so.
She is regularly rolling over now and grabbing at all sorts of things. She is getting interested in some of her toys, but mostly she just likes to be with someone. Lucky for her, she has five siblings that absolutely adore her so she is rarely left to play on her own (even in the play pen, someone is always sitting next to it or looking in to talk to her). She expects and leans in for the kisses she knows I will give her after changing her diaper and laughs and smiles as she gets them. Miss C is such a joy and quite the blessing to our family!

When we got home from her appointment the kids spent some time outside. When it was time to come in for lunch they all asked if we could do a picnic. The warm sun and the green grass looked so inviting and relaxing I had to agree it was a great day for a picnic. They all set it up and even cleaned it up! I'm so glad it is starting to warm up around here!

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