Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. R!

We've been quite busy around here so I just did not get around to blogging some things....

Mr. R celebrated his birthday last week! He received a few small gifts from us the night before his birthday. Among them were a book about the moon, an orange water proof box, and his first pocket knife! His "big" gift was his party.

We don't usually do big birthday parties, but we make exceptions when appropriate. Mr. R asked if we would take him to Chuck E Cheese's, and we decided to invite some of his friends along! We ended up taking 12 kids to CEC's and we all had a GREAT time! Who would think that taking a dozen kids there would actually be a relaxing experience? Well, it was!


The other six kids we took were from two families and all of the kids played so well together and watched out for each other. Many of the kids pooled their tickets they won to get Mr. R some extra big prizes.

I left the cake at home (oops!), so we had his lego ice cream cake after dinner. By the way, Mr. R seems to be the master at choosing junk food. On birthdays the birthday boy/girl chooses all of the meals for the day. He chose eggo waffles, CEC's pizza, drinkable yogurt, bagel bites, boxed mac and cheese (instead of homemade like we usually have) and hot dogs. His cake was an orange lego brick with chocolate cake and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

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