Sunday, May 30, 2010

Flowers, squirrel, cows

We spent an afternoon at the ranch this week-end, and had a great time!
The wildflowers were in bloom, making the hills look painted, and giving my girls loads of fun picking flowers. The boys enjoyed "hunting" with Mr. M's toy gun he received for his birthday.


Rob supervised some shooting practice.

Mr. M made his first kill! As he was shooting, a squirrel popped up, he took aim and shot it! The squirrel was running. He was aiming at the head. He got the shoulder. What a great shot!
Everyone was excited and so proud of Mr. M!


Miss E picked these wonderful flowers, and Miss J admired them.

We headed up to to house when we were done and had some great time visiting with our friends. Their tortoise was out and about and very active today. It "chased" the kids, and they fed it grass.


On our way out we headed across the way to see the new bull calf that had been born just an
hour or so earlier. Miss J fell in love with the calf and asked us if she could have it. She was content just looking at it and then going for a walk and checking out the flowers.

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