Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. M!

Mr. M had a GREAT day on his birthday. He got to open his gifts in the morning right after Bible reading. He received everything he wanted this year for his birthday.... various candies from his siblings, a rubik's cube, light sticks, and a Davy Crockett gun from Vision Forum that he had been asking for for months. He was one happy boy.

For breakfast he requested cappuccino rolls, sausage, mochas and OJ. Then after breakfast he
got to drink a Dr. Pepper. He loves Dr. Pepper and Coke, but we don't let him have any so as a treat he got some for his birthday.

The big plans for the day and what he had been looking forward to most... A day with Dad! Rob took him shooting!


At the range Mr. M found a lizard and made friends with it.

Then they spent hours at the local Army surplus store. Mr. M had been wanting to buy combat boots with his birthday money. His big surprise was that we had been planning to buy them for him. He bought himself a web belt; I don't think he has decided what to do with the rest of his birthday money though.


For dinner Mr. M had picked steak, strawberries, and chocolate milk. After that we had his
cake. He had asked for the Duggar family ice cream layer cake. He made most of it and had made plans on his own for decorating it. Dirt. Lots of Dirt. And mud. With Indiana Jones.

The big hit though, was the box the gun came in. Figures.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to Auntie J too! We love you!

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