Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

I had a lovely Mother's Day, and I hope you other moms reading this did too! I was awakened in just about the best way I could have been, by a sweet smiling baby being brought in to me for a cuddle and feeding!

Rob and the kids spoiled me with flowers, which I managed to spread all over the house so that in nearly every room I'm in I can see them. Every time I look at them I smile!

Rob did all of the cooking on Sunday. We had a lovely breakfast of
scones, strawberries and
whipped cream, and sausage. Miss J loves sausage and since we had way too much we decided not to limit her intake.... She had six links (we usually stop her at three or four), and one bite of scone. She passed on the strawberries which she usually loves. We think she has a hollow leg.

We did a baby dedication at church (Don't worry Oregon friends and family, we are trying to figure out when we can do our traditional one up there!). Miss C got to wear Miss E's dedication dress (made by my mom from leftover fabric from my wedding dress that she made). After the dedication Miss C and Miss J fell asleep on me, I loved cuddling with my girls while I listened to the sermon with Mr. M sitting next to me cuddling up from time to time too!
The rest of the day was so lovely too. Rob and the kids got cheese and crackers ready for lunch (baked brie included, yum!). I had a nice nap and then we spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out and Rob read aloud to us for a while. I am so blessed!

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