Monday, May 24, 2010

Friends from Germany

Some very dear friends of ours were in town from Germany last week. We were so blessed to be able to spend an afternoon with them! We had such a wonderful time catching up over lunch, coffee drinks, and dessert.The kids all had a great time playing together. They played upstairs for quite a while, then Miss E had the great idea to get the train set out.
Later the boys went outside to play and visit, while the girls stayed inside. I had a wonderful time talking with my dear friend Mrs. J, I always love our visits and have missed her so much this past year since they moved away. Miss J fell asleep on me and transfered over to Mrs. J so I could get Miss C up from her nap. I'm so glad Mrs. J had the chance to get a good cuddle with "Baby J!"


We all moved on to the farmers market in the late afternoon. The kids all had fun checking everything out, and sharing the huge bag of kettle corn that Mrs. J bought. Our time together ended much too soon.

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