Friday, June 25, 2010

bumgenius snap conversion

I cloth diaper. Some of my favorite diapers are the bumgenius one size pocket diapers. They are so easy to use, and fit from newborn to potty training! However, I do not like the hook and loop on them. So I did the snap conversion that I had read about on various forums/blogs. This has saved me having to trash some very good diapers that still had plenty of life in them, and so has saved me quite a bit of $$$$$!
This is a picture of the worst one. The hook and loop was barely holding the diaper on anymore. Now this is one of my oldest diapers, and the only one like it to have survived the attack of the laundry fairy (link fixed), but the others would have started to look like this in time.
I removed the hook and loop from the diaper body and the tabs.

Made a template and made the marks on the diaper.


put the snaps on *thanks for the cool snap pliers Rob!

Added some cute "ooga booga" snap caps that made me smile! *they come in all of the bumgenius colors, so they all have them!

And my diapers were all set and ready to go! I love them with the snaps!
*I have a few more that either were not finished yet, or in the wash at the time I took the picture.

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  1. The only better conversion would be to use duct tape!