Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer with toddlers and pre-schoolers

We've started taking our "summer break", my big kids and I need it. We need the break from the more ridged schedule and directed learning. They need time to explore and learn in the freedom they have earned through working hard and showing responsibility, I need time to rest my brain a bit, and plan for the next school year. However, I still have little ones that really need to be guided and directed in most of their time. I'm planning activities for my little ones to keep them learning, busy, and out of trouble. I know I have some dear friends reading this that have little ones also, so I thought I'd try to post these activities regularly as an encouragement and give you ideas. I also know that you are all very creative, so I'd love to hear your ideas too!
Yesterday was a warm day, so I had a couple of projects for the kids. Mr. S and Miss J washed the playhouse! It really was dirty, but a quick spray with the hose got most of the dirt off. However I gave them a couple of buckets of soapy water with rags and a sponge and let them go at it! They had so much fun! Kids want to be helpful and know that they have a place in the family, that they are needed and wanted. Finding things like this for your kids to do is such a blessing to them and to you!

They spent over an hour working out there. They came in wet, hungry, and ready for naps, but happy and pleased with their job well done. Miss E had joined them out there and had a good time too.

Miss C watched from her saucer for 1/2 and hour, but joined me in the house in the Ergo as I did some school prep for next year.

Meanwhile Mr. R and Mr. M had a big job in the front yard. Some friends had passed on a cute little table when they moved. It has sat in our back yard for over a year not being used (but I had a good plan for it!). It needed to be cleaned out (that's an understatement!) and these boys were so happy to do the job.


Finding slugs in the table made the job even more fun!

I think they spent nearly three hours (broken up by breaks for lunch and rest time) working on the table. They had a great time with this job and the table will be a wonderful blessing to my little ones!

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