Thursday, June 24, 2010

funnel cake, minus the funnel

I love funnel cake, and I've considered making it, but I don't have a funnel (and even though we keep meaning to pick one up it never quite makes it on the shopping list!).

Today is a grey day and it seemed to call for some extra fun at snack time. I thought I'd see what I could rig up to make funnel cake. I figured my spaetzle maker would work just fine. Instead of one big cake, we ended up with lots of little drops!

One recipe made a ton! We made up six bowls like this.
Then we filled this big bowl to overflowing.
And these were left on the counter.


The kids all LOVED it. They said I was the greatest mom and a wonderful cook. They all had seconds.

Our day got a bit brighter! *and stickier too*

Oh, and we did save some for Daddy!

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