Thursday, June 10, 2010

sick day(s)

We have a mild bug going through the house. Miss C was its first victim, followed by her sisters, and me. Mr. R was the latest victim. We'll see who else falls prey to it in the next couple of days.

Everyone was already a bit tired out before this, so it was time to take a break anyways. We've spent the last couple of days just hanging out doing whatever needs to be done or seems fun at the time.

Laundry baskets make great playpens! Miss J was so tired and grumpy, we let her sit here and watch a show for a while. She perked up a bit after that. She is watching "Pre-school Power" which is a cute set of DVD's showing little kids doing all sorts of every day activities. I get them from Netflix from time to time. I had not realized this one was coming, but it was great timing since she loves watching these.

Mr. M asked to play a game. Sorry! I had fun playing with the two big boys, and the little ones enjoyed watching and "helping". Miss E took the opportunity to have some quite play time upstairs.


Zoomorphs are a fun set of toys, perfect for Miss E, but the other kids like them too.

It has been nice to have a mostly quiet week, just hanging out, nothing we really NEED to do. It was a bit gloomy outside for a couple of days too which helped us feel like laying low too. Now the sun is starting to come out and we're all starting to perk up a bit more.

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