Saturday, August 27, 2011

Great music, great fellowship, and a house guest!

We've been looking forward to some good fellowship with our friends the Wintons as well as their concert for quite some time. We truly enjoyed getting to have them join us for lunch and a nice visit before heading out to the ranch for the concert. Thats when things started getting interesting....

Their RV broke down on the way to the ranch. As we were trying to figure out how to get everyone and the equipment to the ranch for the concert and take care of the RV God sent along some help! A friend (also on her way to the ranch for the concert) drove by and was able to help with transportation. A man with the county road service stopped to see if he could be of assistance and was able to follow the RV as it coasted down the hill to the nearest gas station/shopping center where it would be safe for the night.

The concert was great, we enjoyed the fellowship with friends and as always the music and testimonies from the Wintons were so very encouraging. Miss J was absolutely thrilled to be in the front row listening and singing along with her favorite band. They even sang "Amazing Grace" at her request!
The next day the Wintons and Rob went about the job of seeing about getting the RV fixed with the hope of getting them on the road in their own RV that evening. In the mean time we got to host the Wintons for an extra afternoon! We enjoyed getting the chance to have some extra time of fellowship with them, our kids just loved having the whole family here too. Miss J even TALKED to them (she has been their biggest fan for over a year, but up until this week-end she would not actually talk to any of them when we were with them), not only that but she played with all of the Wintons and had a great time. It also seems that their girls have the same favorite movies as Miss J, so they enjoyed watching them together.

Unfortunatly by the end of the day the RV was not done by the time the shop was closing, so they decided to head on down to their next concert in a rental car. The car was packed full and there was little room left for their cat. Our kids are so excited when Rob offered to keep the cat for them until they came back to town for the RV. So, we have a little Winton house guest for the week!

We sure were blessed to have some extra time with this wonderful family. We hope we were a blessing to them, and we are keeping them in our prayers as they continue on with their concert tour!


  1. The concert sounds great! Amazing Grace is one of my favorites! :-)

    What a gift from God you were to this family during their RV trials and tribulations! I am glad you got some special time with them and that your daughter had some, as well.

    I will have to look them up! I love good Christian music.

    Many blessings,

  2. You have all had an eventful few days! I bet the kids are loving that cat.