Thursday, August 18, 2011

Just two boys

A wonderful, dear, and brave friend has most of my kids today (she has five of her own ages 6yrs-2 months). She took most of them a couple of days ago too (I had a young woman here helping with the two little girls that day). I am so blessed to have such a friend who is able to help me when I'm in need of rest and recovery time and my husband NEEDS to be working.
Mr. R offered to stay at home with me and Mr. K to help out. It is nice to have some time with him, and I'm so blessed to have a son that has such a servants heart!
We're both enjoying some time quiet time with Mr. K too. That was the main reason Mr. R said he wanted to stay, so he could have more time with his baby brother.


  1. Awwww sweet baby and brother. I love it! I hope you can get in some more rest time. I know I've been exhausted and even something like getting ready to go to the pool wipes me out. Baby here is doing well, I think I may have been successful in switching her schedule so she is (mostly sleeping) at night and her awake time is during the day. Hooray!! Glad you are doing well :) <3

  2. What beautiful photos of the two brothers together! Your Mr. R. is one fine young man to help out his Mama and spend time with his baby brother!

    Many blessings,