Saturday, August 6, 2011

Scottish Games, again!

Last year we went to the Scottish games here in town and had such a wonderful time! We figured that if we were not having a baby that day that would be a great distraction for all of us. Once again we had a wonderful time! We enjoyed having Miss K along with us this time!

We started off by checking out the row of clan booths. It is always interesting to hear the histories of the various clans, and how they fit into the history that we may have already learned. Of course the booths with swords on display are very popular with our guys!

This year we managed to get to the kid's games and let ours participate. It was fun to watch them do the caber toss. Mr. R did the best out of any of the kids that were there at the time!

Last year our favorite part of the whole thing was visiting St. Andrew's guild that had Mary Queen of Scott's court all set up. This year was the same! We were surprised when we walked up that several of them remembered us from last year, not only that but that they had thought of us and were hoping we would be back to visit them! What a warm welcome, and it made the experience all the more fun this time!

We were all presented to the Queen and a little birdie told the queen that Miss E was celebrating her "Natal Day" soon. The entire guild gathered to sing "Happy Natal Day unto thee" which was very special for Miss E.

Then on the the apothecary where we had a science lesson on gun powder and detecting poison as well as testing metals.

Then we went on to the stocks....

We headed down to watch some of the games, but at that point I was getting tired so I ended up taking the girls to find a bit of shade and a place to sit.

We hung around to be able to participate in the dancing lessons that St. Andrew's Guild were doing. The oldest four kids all participated and had a great time.

We were glad that we were able to go to the Scottish Games again and it was a wonderful distraction while we were waiting for Mr. K.

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