Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Scottish games

Rob has been wanting to take the family to see the Scottish games for a while, so this year we made sure we knew when they were happening and to make it there! We had such a good time at this activity. We had intended to just spend a couple of hours there checking things out, but instead we were there for over six hours!
Our first stop was to visit the Clan booths that were set up. We got some history lessons at a couple of booths, particularly the MacLeod booth.

The St Andrew's Noble Order of Royal Scots guild, with swords, armor, a queen (and her court), stocks, and an alchemist in the reenactment area, was a HUGE hit with our family!


Our family was presented to "Mary Queen of Scots," and we were each presented with a favor (instead of being historically-correctly executed).


The alchemist showed the kids some ways to test for poison and how different powders burn in various colors. The gun powder was a hit too! This was a great science lesson.


I loved seeing the women spinning wool.


Mr. M got a "drubbing" in the stocks!

What a brave woman to let all of these kids handle her swords!


The men put on a great show with the sword fight as well as a lesson on swords and fighting.

Of course we had to try the food. The steak and mushroom pie was great; we passed on the haggis.


On to the games in the afternoon! The kids had really been looking forward to seeing this. The caber toss and the weight over the bar competitions were fun to watch.
I think we could have stayed longer, but the little ones were getting tired (not to mention Mommy!), and some cheeks were turning pink so it was time to go home.


  1. This is wonderful!!! Thank you so much for bringing your darling children to visit her Majesty. We are most pleased that you have a wonderous time.

    Lady Mary Fleming, Head of Her Majesties Ladies in Waiting

  2. On behalf of Her Majesties Royal Guard, it was a pleasure to have you and your fine family join us. Knowing and seeing your interest and enthusiasm makes what we do worth while. Hope to see you at the next event.
    Magnus MacRanald
    Signal Officer
    HMR Guard

  3. I remember your delightful family, and we are most pleased that you enjoyed your visit with Mary Queen of Scots and the guild. You can visit again at the Santa Cruz games and ren. Faire on Oct. 2 in downtown Santa Cruz at San Lorenzo Park.
    Dame Alice Sinclair, Courtier,
    Royal Countess, St. Andrews Guild

  4. We enjoyed the visit with your family! All of your wee ones were so sweet and polite! We hope to see you again next year!
    Mary, Queen of Scots