Monday, August 2, 2010

Pikes Place

There is much more to Pikes Place than Starbucks (who knew? LOL!) With Chocolate, flying fish, bubble gum, and a boat ride who wouldn't have fun?Our first stop was at my Cousin J's favorite chocolate shop. Yum!


After our stop at Starbucks we braved the crowds of Pikes Place to let the kids see some flying fish. Along the way we stopped to look at other things too. We managed to see a couple of fish fly, but the camera missed them.

Next up, the bubblegum wall. Yea, nasty. Kids like that sort of stuff though. ;)

We went for a ride on the water taxi. That was fun, and we had fish and chips right after the boat ride.


This was the perfect spot for a group picture with downtown Seattle in the background. Can you spot the space needle?

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