Monday, August 2, 2010

a convention, a church, and great fellowship!

We went to a home school convention this weekend. We took the whole family, though the kids were not able to attend the convention. Rob and I took turns going to sessions and checking out the expo area. All of the sessions were very encouraging, and we had fun checking out books and toys in the expo. The best part was the fellowship with a couple of friends from our area that were there and reconnecting with friends we had not seen in a while. We met new friends too! We took turns with the kids, hanging out in the room playing or watching Mary Poppins. We also took them out to play quite a bit. Miss J got a bit too excited about the fountain and took a dip in it. She was not excited about being wet!

We extended our stay by one night so that we could visit some friends at their church in the area. We had met several families from CVP when we were at camp a few months ago, and ever since then we have been longing to fellowship with them some more! We had a wonderful day with them and met more wonderful people there. We were blessed to be able to share a meal with the church (as they do every Sunday afternoon). What a wonderful Sabbath!

On our way home we stopped to say "hi" to some old friends of the family. They have grandkids, so they had plenty of toys for the kids to play with.
Then we had to stop to feed the baby. What better place to stop than at an ice cream place? Yum! Most of the kids ended up with "chocolate face!"

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  1. It was so nice to have you and your sweet family visit CVP! Hopefully we can make plans to get together soon! -Erin Jones