Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Living areas

A couple of blogs I read (life in a shoe and Raising Olives) are doing an "open house", so I thought I'd participate (late) with their living area link up.

This is our living room as you walk in the front door.
The love seat- see the corner off to the right? That is currently a play area for the little girls.


There are blankets and pillows there in the corner, and lots of dolls and strollers (oh, and the bumbo that Miss C still uses). The strollers (and dolls) come out regularly, but the girls love to go back in here to play with the dolls. This area is often turned into a fort as well.

This area over here is a bit messy with all of the school planning I'm doing. Normally all of the papers and books are not there between the rocking chair and basket; it is usually a nice play area for the kids. Rob made the tall book shelf, I love it! The short book shelf holds toys and books for the little kids (with a printer/copier on top), and next to it is the kids' computer.


Here is our piano, and a cute little kid rocking chair (thanks Gram!). Above are the "formal" pictures; our wedding picture and the dedication pictures of all of the babies. Right now the piano is also holding many of my school planning things also. The piano bench is used at the dining room table, so we put a chair here. Looks like Miss J wants us to head upstairs to the play room.This is the playroom. The couch is in here since it is a hide-a-bed; making this room double as the guest room. This room is mostly for the big kids since it has all of the toys with little pieces. This is also where Rob does his discipleship time with a child each morning.


This is the train table that Rob made back when we were stationed in Florida. It is usually folded up like this, but can easily come down when the kids want a table for any of their toys.
The shelves mostly hold games, the bins are for everyones legos. Hmm... I have not been in here in a while, looks like we need to organize those shelves again!

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