Friday, August 20, 2010


Miss E's birthday party was a small Father/Daughter Tea. This is something special she has wanted to do with some very special friends of hers. She has been so excited about it and we both had a good time planning it and putting everything together for the tea.

Miss E did quite a bit of the work for this party. She made the cup cakes, and we decorated them together. We had a great time together making up all of the tea sandwiches and setting up.

Before sitting down to tea the girls played a little game of pin-the-teabag-on-the-teapot. Miss E had played this at a friend's party a few years ago and wanted to include it at her party. It was a cute fun game.

It was so sweet to see the girls sitting with their dads enjoying the tea. I'm so glad we were able to make this work. I know this was a very special day for Miss E!

*The boys had a good time with a friend too, and got to enjoy some treats as well!

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