Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I'm about two weeks from my due date, that means any day now..... OR a few more weeks.

I'm a at that stage where I'm interested in trying some of those interesting foods that have been said to put women into labor.

There's the prego pizza.... while the original is not near here Rob (who is always up for trying an interesting pizza) called a local place to try to duplicate it. It was a GREAT pizza, but obviously it didn't work.
I've been thinking of making the lemon drop cupcakes that are supposed to put women in to labor. The problem.... they are not local, I don't want to put the effort into making them, and that is just too much sugar. Maybe next week I'll be more interested in putting in the effort?

Maybe we will go out for spicy food for our anniversary?

In the mean time I've been so blessed and encouraged this week, but thats for another post....


  1. Praying for his perfect timing!

  2. Did I tell you I ate an entire pineapple one evening? The baby was born the next morning :)

  3. I'm right there with you! Here's to a happy and healthy baby!

  4. I am pretty positive that I put myself into labor. The night before I took some drops of evening primrose oil and boom the next morning I went into labor, but I went through 23 hours, got up to an 8 and then had a csection so I'm not convinced that my body was really as ready as it thought. Good luck!!

  5. Stacy- I tried eating a whole pineapple with one of the kids, it didn't work. However, since I love pineapple I'm sitting here eating a whole one tonight!

    Q- Thanks for your prayers!