Sunday, November 6, 2011

A fold down changing table

I've been itching to get Miss C and Mr K back into cloth diapers but I had a couple of problems I needed to figure out before I could get that started. The first problem was that the movers lost the changing table. The next problem was that the best space for a changing station is too small for a changing table. What to do? A friend suggested a fold down changing table.

Rob is so great, he made one for me! We were both just wanting to get it done, so he put it up without worrying too much about how it looked. In a few weeks we will get around to figuring out how to make it pretty. I've got some ideas, but I'd love to hear suggestions. The bathroom is off of the laundry room next to the kitchen. I don't want to spend much $$$, and I want it to be on the brighter side since the room is small and the cloth diapers will be out (brightly colored). This is a room I'll be in regularly, I want it to look happy so I can look forward to coming in here!


  1. A gallon of paint in some bright color that you'd never before choose. $25 for a gallon and a roller and WOW what a difference. I painted our laundry room this aqua meets turquoise blue and LOVE it. Even with our mismatched shevles (two ugly, wood-grain 'look' WalMart shelves and one cute red shelf) that store our pantry stuff. Doesn't matter because the walls are so bright and cheery!

  2. A lot of times people return paint that is too bright for a whole room, so you can check out the "oops" paint that was returned, usually about $5 a gallon. I also like shelves from Walmart, I think they are $15 for a small bookshelf and bins from the dollar store.